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Does it take weeks to complete your Budgeting Cycles?

BudgetPort is a business oriented budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting platform, developed by a team with financial background. Budgetport provides a flexible solution which has a high usability rate for financial end users.

How long does it take to consolidate budget figures from all departments in your organization?

BudgetPort Excel Add-in interface is our top-rated application chosen by budgeting and financial departments.

İlhami Doğan, Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence Unit Manager, Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

Budgeting and Planning cycles requires managerial actions and decisions to be made while you need to choose different scenarios to see the effects beforehand. Outputs may force you to make decisions and perform budgeting meetings with management and staff. This may become a problem especially when you have limited time and you do not have the necessary data from your colleauges or other operational departments such as head counts from HR, current capacity changes in Production, investments to be planned, etc. BudgetPort is designed to outcome such challenges by providing you a success-proven data collection module where you can gather and consolidate all budget figures from other departments, enter parameters for simulations and save different scenarios for one specific budgeting cycle while saving your business rules and helping you out with your operational processes. Besides all, a perfectly designed Reporting Platform for any type of analysis you may need such as Budget-Actual Variances, rolling forecast values to see what you need to achive before it is too late, comparisons between last period and current period, and a detailed multidimensional analysis for deeper and adhoc analysis needs

Centralized Budgeting

Our main goal is to enable key users to prepare and access budgeting figures and to create as many scenarios as they prefer. For that reason, BudgetPort uses a centralized approach for providing budgeting functions and scenario creation module for saving different scenarios for any user. BudgetPort offers all modules you need to perfectly complete your budgeting and planning cycle in your organization.

  • Easy to Use
  • Actual Figures and Business Intelligence Integration
  • Business Rules and Processes
  • Real Time Data Access
  • Sustainablity
  • Enterprise Security Infrastructure
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Excel Integration

Do you keep your Excels opened? You may continue to do so. BudgetPort offers the best excel integration experience for budgeting and planning. All you need to do is to open your excel and enter your BudgetPort user/password to login.

Aslında kullandığınız artık bir excel dosyası değil excel'in arayüzünü kullanan bambaşka bir uygulamadır. Ama siz excel kullanırken kullandığınız tüm avantajlara sahip olursunuz.

Create your own business rules and Manage your Budget

It is extremely easy to manage your budgeting cycle such as creating budgeting cycles, defining business rules, financially opening and closing a period. Defining which users can enter budget figures is easy as 1,2,3. While you are defining roles and security rules, you can use all the security infrastructure in your organization without investing to have a new one, because BudgetPort is integrated with industry standard security platforms such as Active Directory, etc.

SDid you know that, with BudgetPort you can easily create and simulate your next year budget figures just by changing a few parameters such as growth rate, inflation rate and pushing a button?

Impower Your Operation to Be Successful

BudgetPort helps you get rid of all the obstacles you have while gathering and consolidating the data required from other departments. Assigning different budgeting tasks to different roles and users with specific deadlines for budget entries, approval and validation module helps you to control the budgeting process all over the organization. Having this control enables you to plan on-time delivery of budget reports and to have more time for analysis and decision making.

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